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Nordmann fir Christmas trees are becoming more popular. They are exotically beautiful and long lasting, if your looking for something new, your family will love gathering around a Nordman Fir Christmas tree. The Nordmann Fir Christmas tree has striking appearance from traditional Christmas trees. The trees have thick symmetrically layered branches, great for showing off your heaver Christmas ornaments. The tree needles are dark glossy green. The glossy helps prevent water loss, helping the tree last longer. Nordmann Fir Christmas tree combines its dark green needles with light-blue needle underside, lighting up the appearance of the plush soft needles. Nordmann trees are known for long lasting with little needle loss throughout the holidays. The trees have lite fragrance, making this the recommended tree for families with allergies.

Nordmann Fir christmas Tree


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Douglas Fir christmas Tree Branch


The Nordman Firs commonly known as the ‘Low Drop’ Christmas tree and have thick waxy needles which can stay healthy and green longer.Nordman Fir Christmas Tree low fragrance, if you suffer from allergies, Valley View Christmas tree reccomends this is the tree for you.Englands’s most popular Christmas tree. The Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree is Resilient and has very low needle drop.

The Nordmann Fir branch uderside needles have many rows of stomatal bloom. The rows reflect light making the underside sparkel giving an elegant appearance

Nordmann Fir christmas Tree Branch

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Nordman Fir Christmas tree are found in the mountains of northern Oregon christmas tree farms.

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